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Hillphoenix® supermarket food retail display cases are designed for maximum merchandising flexibility. Easy product access and compelling aesthetics create a superior shopper experience where the food is the main focus. Behind the scenes, Hillphoenix supermarket merchandising display cases feature industry-leading energy efficient refrigeration and lighting technologies. From meat and seafood to prepared food destination centers, there’s a Hillphoenix case for every application. Hillphoenix is part of the Dover Food Retail group.

Serial number search is for parts produced within the last 15 years. Serial numbers are eight digits and usually start with a zero. Hillphoenix® Case serial numbers can be found in the following locations: On frozen food/reach-in cases: on the interior, left-hand flue panel facing the case. On multi-deck units: on the interior, right-hand flue panel facing the case. On multi-deck cross merchandisers (utility cases): on the right-hand side below the honeycomb, facing the case. On service/meat units: on the back, right-hand side, facing the back of the case, below the discharge. On island cases: below the honeycomb.